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"By far, the main reason why pianos go out of tune is due to changes in humidity from season to season, affecting all pianos, new and old, played and unplayed. The best way to care for a piano is the professional installation of a Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control System and regular tunings (at least once yearly) by a qualified tuner."

   Visit Dampp-Chaser: www.pianolifesaver.com

Consider the cost of not using the Piano Life Saver:



Buying a Piano?  Buy a NEW Piano!

While finances surely will figure in deciding what kind of piano you will buy, at least consider investing in a top quality new Yamaha piano and order a Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control System to be installed immediately after delivery.  After that, have your new piano tuned, inspected and maintained at least once each and every year by a reputable piano tuner and it will likely last a lifetime. 

A piano is an extremely complicated mechanism that depends on the proper distribution of tremendous weight, choice materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and unflagging care to produce good music. Unlike some musical instruments, the piano has profited greatly in tone and performance as a result of recent technological improvements, and modern pianos are far superior in many ways to their predecessors.  In purchasing a new acoustic piano in Canada, I recommend the Yamaha piano distributed by Yamaha Music Canada Ltd. and sold only through an authorized Yamaha Music Canada dealer. 

Purchasing a "Used" Piano? Buyer Beware!


There are a great many so-called piano "rebuilders" in the world.   Most "rebuilders" are in fact just "reconditioners."   Reconditioned pianos cannot be expected to give the kind of performance/lifespan of a new or truly rebuilt piano. A large number of reconditioning shops exist because they meet a much lower pricepoint than a truly rebuilt piano, and because most people don't see much beyond the cosmetics. Some of these shops do great work, some do average work, and a whole lot are dedicated to what amounts to primarily cosmetic work. 

There are only a handful of rebuilders in North America who will fully and truly rebuild a piano in a fashion that equals the quality of a good piano factory.  They charge top dollar and rightly so, because, in fact, there is not a lot of difference in the amount of work needed between "building" a piano and "rebuilding" a piano.  The cost of the best rebuilding is about the same as buying a new middle quality grand piano.  Therefore, it is usually only done to grand pianos with the highest market value like Yamaha or Steinway, because as expensive as rebuilding is, it is still somewhat less than the price of a new grand piano. 

Because of the costs, it is rare to find a completely rebuilt upright piano.  Generally, upright pianos are rebuilt for sentimental reasons.  (eg. Grandmother's piano.)

There is one upright piano rebuilder and there are two grand piano rebuilders in the province of Ontario that I recommend.  Please contact me should you wish a referral.

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